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Skywarp Review

Transformers - Masterpiece (Takara)
Originally a Walmart exclusive it has begun to pop up all over the place, including online toy stores, as surpluses are bought up. Skywarp is basically a repaint of the MP Starscream (also a Walmart exclusive but much harder to get) with accessories missing. Where the MP starscream came with the mad scientist from an episode of the G1 cartoon he is missing in this. The figure is molded in black and purple plastic, not quite G1 accurate but looks very good, and has a very good detail paint job. The articulation is very good, still awkward to try and pose as is the norm with most mecha/robot figures. He features an alternate head that flips into place to replace the other, hidden missile pods that open on his chest, and and opening nosecone to show a realistic. The downsides to this figure are that he is a repaint, he cost $60.00 at christmas time and thus didn't sell well, and he is a bit top heavy and tends to fall forward but for those brave enough to take a saw to him/Starscream there is a modification out there to fix this. Unlike the G1 versions of the jets he features wing mounted missiles that can be removed to place the arm lasers into place instead. The figure isn't the easiest thing to transform given the number of articulation points but it is far easier than the newer Transformer lines. The figure does come with a flight stand, cast in black plastic, and with a nameplate on the base for him and it looks very good on display in vehicle form. The cockpit still opens as if to hold the figure they didn't include. The Packaging is a simple redo of the Starscream packaging as well. The decals are all painted onto the figure as well and are crisp and blemish free. The figure in general is blemish free aside from a few marks from where the parts were cut from the sprue after being released from the machine. I gave this a 4.50 as, while a great figure worth getting if you find it at a reasonable price, it doesn't bring anything new to the table. It is the only MP figure that doesn't seem to have anything included that ties it into G1. Even a few energon cubes would have been interesting to see.

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