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Sagitar the Galloping Battle Beast Review

Sagitar the Galloping Battle Beast
He-Man - New Adventures (Mattel) - Deluxe Figures
What could have been one of the coolest figures from this line, turns out to be a lackluster effort. This is a deluxe figure, which meant it came packaged in a larger box then the standard figures, and obviously had a bigger price tag on it. Upon pulling my Sagitar out of his cardboard jail cell I discovered he only had 5 points of articulation; legs, arms, and his chest for transforming him into Galloping Beast mode. They sculptors didn't even give him neck movement! I can forgive the lack of knee articulation because over time weak knees could interfere with his Beast mode, no turning head? Weak, Mattel. Very weak. This wouldn't be a bother if he wasn't advertised as a deluxe figure. He gets a 3.2

      by JakkNewman   Update Review

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