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Garlic Man Review

Garlic Man
Little Dracula (Dreamworks)
Pretty much one of my favorite action figures of all time. I barely remember the short lived 5-episode Little Drac animated series but the toyline was a big part of my childhood, and Garlicman here was quite the toughy to locate in ToysRUs or Kaybee back in the early 90s. Once I finally got my hands on one as adult, I'm pleased to report he is one fantastic toy.

He features great articulation for a 90s figure; shoulders, wrists, and legs with ball joints in the vein of the Playmates Ninja Turtles figures. His backpack is a bit bulky and does inhibit his ability to pilot his Garlicmoblie somewhat, but it's easily removed after taking off his belt. Pressing his backpack causes a puff of air to go into his gun, making a little clove of garlic on a metal pin pop in and out. Would've been nice if it was a real projectile, but then again it would've been lost easily by kids so that's forgivable. If choose to ignore the obscure 90s lines like this, you have to at least treat yourself to Garlicman. Highly recommended and makes quite the conversation piece. Keep 'em in your kitchen on the spice rack!

      by JakkNewman   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Friday, July 9, 2010
I found a loose one at a yard sale, but it was just the basic body. It didn''t even have the breathing tubes. However, when I was very young, I bought Maggot, the yellow guy with suction cups for hands brand new at the store. I also have Igor, just the figure (also at a yard sale) without any tools.

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