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My First Batwing Review

My First Batwing
DC Super Friends (Mattel) - Vehicles
Well, this is my first review, so bear with me. I got this figure for my birthday recently, and I gotta say, it's my favorite present I got!

The figure has really good sculpt. Although it doesn't have THE BEST resemblance to Bill Murray, It still looks like him (It's a lot better than what we saw online before its release). Pete utilizes The same basic body sculpt as the rest of the Mattel line, but with some differences. Peter's flightsuit is un-tucked from his boots, He's wearing his gloves instead of having the gloves on the pistol belt, and the walkie-talkie he uses to contact Ray is in the front of the belt. These changes are how he appeared in the Sedgewick hotel scene

Peter's paint job is very crisp and clean like we've seen in pretty much all of the Matty Ghostbuster figures. Like all the 'Busters, Pete has his last name printed on a patch on the flightsuit. Peter is also a 'slimed' figure, wich means that he's partly covered in 'ectoplasm' that is really just clear green paint. I was worried that this slime feature was going to be overdone and make the figure seem sloppy, or cartooney, but much to my delight, Venkman looks as he did in the movie (maybe with a little less slime, but I like that)

The packaging from the last 4 figures is back for Pete as well... I guess They could have changed it up a little bit but... Oh yeah they did... This time Pete's packaging comes in a white box that has no-ghost and "Peter Venkman" printed on it (much like Mattel's MotUC figs). It has the same basic messy desk look on the back with Pete's file on the back. Says he's the salesman for the GB's (News to me) and a few entertaining quotes on it (nothing as good as the "Rumored to lack genitalia" thing on Walter's file)

Venkman comes with the same awesome proton pack sculpt as the other 3 GB's in this series (although mine isn't weathered). I think his radio/walkie-talkie is supposed to be removable (mine was attached by one side of it which I cut. Then there's a notch that it can attach to the belt again with. Let's not forget he also comes with a Slimer which is a must-have for anyone who couldn't get the SDCC one from a while back. The thing that bugs me about Slimer is the mouth... Mattel decided to change the mouth, and have the tongue hanging out. This in my opinion kind of detracts from the look of the figure, but I still love it! In fact it reminds me of the Real Ghostbusters little squishy Slimer I have (the tongue is out on that one too) so it's cool. Like an updated version.

Peter comes with I think 24 POA, which is pretty standard. He, like the other figures, doesn't have ab articulation, but with a proton pack strapped to their backs, I can see why.
Slimer(/green ghost... whichever you prefer)has 6 POA, which is pretty impressive for being modeled after a potato (He's got Mr. Potatohead beat by 3... Take that Hasbro!) He has 2 pts. in each shoulder, 1 pt. in each elbo, and 1pt. in each wrist.

All Around:5
This figure is a great representation of my favorite character in the GB mythology, and is well worth (in my opinion) maybe $35. Although he's sold out on Mattycollector, you can still find him on many other online retailers. He's a great figure to have, and one of my favorites!

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