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Punisher Review

Marvel Legends Showdown (Toy Biz) - Battle Booster Packs - Series 1
Usually I review the older toybiz figures but this series is something special. Superhero Showdown is what 1:18th inch scale super heroes should be but hasbro can't live up to the quality, that being said lets get down to business with this figure. The Punisher is a great figure to start your collection with period, what makes this one more compelling to purchase in comparison to it's Marvel Universe counterpart is the amount of articulation. It has as much articulation as it's marvel legends counterparts and the distribution of the body is great. Also it makes an excellent base figure for customs, and at a decent price too. The sculpted details on this figure are also a nice touch, especially the belt, boots, and gun. Sure the gun isn't removable but I really don't see that as too much of a problem since it looks really nice on him, and if worse comes to worse you can always just give him some G.I.Joe weapons. The paint apps on this figure are definably one for the books, it's a nice Punisher skull, that's it, not this weird design, not shifted over to one side, and does not interfere with the actual figure or it's movement. One thing I noticed however is what people dislike about this figure would be the his head. Yes, I can see it making him look kinda weird but in the greater sense of things it's a lot better sculpt than the Marvel Universe one and looks proportionate to his body. Overall would I say buy or pass at this figure, I say buy for the simple fact that he looks amazing, has great articulation, and it makes the Marvel Universe figures look like a flaming bag of poo that delinquents left on a grumpy old man's porch.

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