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Mr. Sinister (Goatee) Review

Mr. Sinister (Goatee)
X-Men (Toy Biz) - Series 2
So I got this figure a while a go but now it's finally time to review this guy. Mr. Sinister has the basic points of articulation that you'd expect from the usual old 5inch lines. One thing that separates this guy in my opinion is that his action feature doesn't take away from this figure. Usually the action feature such as the x-force deadpool with the knife took away from the figure. His light up feature actually looks really nice, both on and off. His eyes and jewel light up on him, which at night or in the dark gives him a spooky appearance. The one thing that is also nice about this figure is the removable cape. The cape is just one solid piece of plastic molded to look like the strips that usually make up his cape in the comics. The paint apps on this figure though aren't the best, it's not like they're outside the lines or are messy it's just kind of bland. I mean a metallic color for the blue would have been nice but over all the paint is clean and neat. He just looks bland is all. Finally is it a buy or pass on this figure? I bought it, it isn't too bad, I would recommend it due to the fact that these figures are starting to go up in price recently due to the fact they're reaching an older age and soon will be vintage. If you're into the older figures it's a great idea to pick this guy up and he's not a bad figure to have in your collection either.

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User Comments
JakkNewman - Tuesday, July 13, 2010
It did somewhat frustrate me that his head has no articulation due to the wiring, and that his shoulder pads interfere with his arm movement if his cape is on But overall one of my favorites from the classic Toybiz line as well.

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