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War Machine Review

War Machine
Iron Man (Toy Biz) - Series 1
I got this guy earlier in the year and it's about time I do a review for the figure. War Machine in my opinion represents the best of what a 90's figure could be. Between articulation, accessories, sculpt, paint, and action feature war machine is the full package. We'll start on sculpt first, the figure it's self has a nice look to it without the armor added, he has full details on his face as well as his entire body that being said it's nice that the look of the figure doesn't interfere with his articulation. He has the basic 9 POA which is nice for back then. The figure is then added with armor and weapons, which can be switch, mixed, and matched with any of the iron man figures from this line. The armor is a more metallic color, which makes him stand out nicely among the duller figures in my opinion. He also comes with two cannons, one that fires a spring loaded missile and the other is just a regular cannon that has no action feature. The action feature cannon I have to say is a nice touch to the figure, because you can just leave the missile in there and he looks in place or leave it out. The paint apps on this guy are phenomenal, I like the flat colors on the base figure leaving it with a clean finished look, while the armor as a nice shine to it and difference in the color in areas like shading. Toybiz really did a fantastic job on this figure, which we don't see too often anymore due to Hasbro being... well Hasbro. Would I say buy or skip, definitely a buy! I paid about 11 dollars or so for mine at the local comic book shop, if you're a collector of the older figures it's a good deal for MOC, also this figure doesn't have the terrible wear upon it like the newer ones do so pick yours up today!

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