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Hunter-Prey Superman vs Doomsday Review

Hunter-Prey Superman vs Doomsday
Superman - Man of Steel (Kenner) - 2-Packs
Very few figures have the ability to make me cry...

After hearing about how the beloved Superman was killed, that's right, KILLED!!, I ran to my local comic shop to see if they had any back issues of this insane-sounding occurence. Surely enough, there was the comic cover...adorned with the tattered remains of Superman's majestic cape...

What hideous creature could possibly do this to the Man of Steel!? What evil contraption had been constructed to bring forth the end of the greatest hero to ever live!? It was no other than the abomination that is DOOMSDAY!! All bow down to this immense mountain-sized beast!! Jagged razor-bone protrusions cover his shoulders, back, face, knees, fists, and arms!! His skin a grey indestructable material!! He flaunts his godlike-muscles by wearing nothing but dark green shorts and boots!! All kneel before the awesome power of DOOMSDAY!!...

After I recovered from passing out in the comic shop, I stumbled over to the counter to ask for a Doomsday to buy. The guy there gave me a glass of water and told me to look online because they were no longer sold in stores. So I found one for 7 bucks. 7 BUCKS for the infamous DOOMSDAY!! I waited a few days and then the moment of truth...

I sneaked around so my super heroes could not see the evil I carried. I went into my basement and unpackaged the monster!! It exploded out of the box, sending packing peanuts flying everywhere!! It tore through the walls and rampaged through the city wreaking havoc upon all who opposed the might of DOOMSDAY!!...actually that never happened but it would have been way better than the midget I got.

Doomsday "stands", I say stands because his legs are fixed in a walking/stomping position, he "stands" an "awesome" 4 3/4 inches!! I rarely curse out loud, but the shrunken size of this thing made me scream out, "WHAT THE ****?!?! This thing is an insult to me and to every collector out there, but most of all, this thing is a slap in the face to Superman himself!! Almost every other figure I have is taller than this pint-size. Even my Supergirl looks like she can kick his arse. Make no mistake about it, Doomsday is finely crafted of a super hard plastic and can move his arms, head, and can turn at his waist. He has great muscle detail and looks like the fearsome gargantuan that he is supposed to be. Sadly, he only LOOKS like that because of the way his legs are positioned. The walking stance he is in shortens him by about an inch. His upper body is in perfect scale with the other Superman figures, but his bent legs are a horible flaw.

I suggest you buy Doomsday because this is the only version of him made in this scale. There is a DC Direct version out there for those of you who like a bigger scale. I also suggest you buy Doomsday because it would make a great first-time customizer project.

A beautiful sculpt, but terrible height. 3 Stars

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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