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Mister Miracle Review

Mister Miracle
Super Powers (Kenner) - Series 3
As a child growing up in the '80's, I never saw this figure in the store. If I had found it in the aisles, I probably would've bought it. I truly do believe this was arguably one of the best figures out of the entire Super Powers line. The card's artwork is AWESOME!! Surprisingly, I didn't see any of the third series in the stores. I guess due to their short and limited release, I just didn't see any if there were any to be found. A guy I rode the bus with in high school told me that he bought the Cyborg and Plastic Man figures at Kroger for around $1.99 each. I never saw them, but at that time (1996), he said he still had them in the package and was going to hold on to them. I do remember seeing a bunch of the first and second series figures. The last figures that I remember seeing on a store shelf in a Rose's store was around late 1986. At that time, I had about $4.00 to spend on a toy or whatever I wanted. I went straight to the action figures aisle and looked right toward the Super Powers figure assortment. They didn't have any first or third series figures, but I remember them having Darkseid, Dr. Fate, Firestorm, and I think Kalibak. Since there was no Superman, Batman, or Aquaman, I went to the G.I. Joe figures and bought a General Hawk figure. After that time, Super Powers toys were gone and forgotten by the time 1987 came in.

Growing up in the '80's, I had owned only 3 figures from the Super Powers line: Aquaman (no trident), Darkseid (no left arm), and Robin (no cape). Aquaman was bought for me by my mom for 50 cents. The other two were given to me from a kid next door. In the brief year I owned these (between '89 and '90, a dog chewed up Aquaman, Darkseid was tossed due to no left arm, and Robin was traded off. It would be around 1999 before I would start collecting these and start a real collection. In 1997, I decided to start collecting the new Star Wars figures. Super Powers was not in mind at the time, because everyone was back into the Star Wars phase. I never had very many Star Wars figures growing up, so I decided to invest in the new line. I kept the growing collection for around 5 years. I sold them and traded some of them in on a computer, and still came out on top with 20% profit. Shortly thereafter, new articulation and card schemes decreased the values of the earlier items I had. In November 1999, I saw an ad in a Toyfare magazine for a company called After Hours toys out of Brockton, Ontario, Canada. They had figures from the Super Powers line that were fairly priced in a reasonable range. I called them and bought Batman, Joker, Penguin, and Robin for a total of $76.00. I was able to order a couple more figures- Aquaman and Flash, but they were not in the best shape. So around early 2001, I started buying from Planet Force, Hero Headquarters, and Action Toys and built up a very decent collection. By early 2002, I had all 34 loose/complete Super Powers figures! Hard times came up and had to sell my third series figures in December 2003, but I started an a website account and got them back by summer 2005. The day I bought my first Mister Miracle figure was awesome! I couldn't believe how cool the break away action was on this figure! I ended up buying it on the card in 2005, but sold it in 2006. I have recently decided to complete the whole collection, but to get all 33 carded figures as well. One of the first figures I bought was Mister Miracle. This carded figure cost me $92.03 on a website (I cashed in a website bucks to get it at this price). The bubble is slightly yellow, but the card is unpunched with a $5.47 K-Mart sticker on it. I really think Kenner should've kept the line going at least until 1987 or 1988. I can't help but notice how incredibly cheap they got with the third series, because they were ending the line. Some collectors may think that the third series cards looked more appealing without the promotional offers that the first and second series cards had. I personally believe that the promotional offers helped entice buying. They could've put an offerless carded fourth series out and added a carded version of Clark Kent. If Kenner were still in business with the DC license, they could've created a 25th anniversary re-issue set in 2009 and made toy history one more time.

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