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Batman Review

Super Powers (Kenner) - Series 1
This was one of the hottest action figures to own in the 80's-- PERIOD!I remember as a child in the stores between 1984 to 1986 wishing to own this one. I first saw the super powers assortment ad on the back of my comic books. Shortly thereafter, I started seeing them on TV, then, in the hands of kids at my school! It was great playing with Batman, Superman, Brainiac, and other characters at least for a few minutes, if not forever. I tried to get them as a kid, but my folks didn't really always have around $5.00 to put toward an action figure, so I never owned until around November 1999, when I bought one loose/complete (C-8.5) for around $28.00. Now, a C-8/9 loose/Complete Batman figure will run you $35.00 to $50.00. Carded ones run $80- $110.00.I have bought my first carded one (a 23-back) a few days ago for $70.47(I saved 19.92% on it when I cashed in an a website bucks certificate for $17.53, making the original cost $88.00). It's not mint, but still to achieve a childhood dream of such nostalgia makes it worth every cent! This is the greatest Batman figure ever made! This figure was a hot item due to its accurate sculpt, as well as the card's artwork, done by Garcia-Lopez.

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