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Caliban Review

X-Men - X-Force (Toy Biz) - Series 6
Who the heck is Caliban?

That's what I said when I saw him. He's was supposed to be one of Apocalypse's four horsemen but he ran away and now aids the X-force team (according to the packaging). What made me buy him you say? Aside from being $2.50, he is massive!! He stands 5 1/4 inches which is a bit taller than most 5 inch figures...for obvious reasons...duh...

He has a great red-and-white color scheme which kind of looks like a skull and comes with a blue-green cloak thingy which doesnt look too good on him but that doesnt matter since Caliban is such a great figure. The package indicated that he had "Mutant Roaring Action" Holy moly!! If you squeeze his left leg, his powerful arms fly upward and his jaw opens. It is actually quite impressive since Caliban is so insanely muscular a lot of other figures with "special features" rarely live up to their description (Like Wolverine's "Adamantium Claws" ). Calban has ball-socket arm joints which allow you to position them freely to use his "Roaring Action" to hit stuff. We all love to hit stuff right? Right.

This is really one of the best X-men figures I've seen. You should definitely consider buying this massive beast. This guy also makes a great base for a custom Kilowog or a Mongul or a...Doomsday...but I wont get into that horror story...

Great find!! 5 stars.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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