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Black Tom Review

Black Tom
X-Men - X-Force (Toy Biz) - Series 4
Black Tom is a perfect example of how super heroes and villains should be made. This guy is a 100 percent perfect replica of the comic book villain.

Black Tom was bonded with a wood-like substance to save his life so he has the ability to make razor-wood claws and can shoot energy blasts from his hands. This guy shoots a red "energy blast" from his right hand. I like this because it has a small string wrapped around the end of it so you wont lose it when you shoot it, which is nice. His face is perfectly detailed, not too life-like, just like animated figures should be. His fancy mustache and beard are nicely sculpted too and he has one of the best hair styles I've seen!! His suit is a simple yet threatning white-red-black scheme.

The only downside I could pick at is that he cant hold anything because of his claw-hands. Although I dont see why he would need to hold weapons when he can just blast away at his enemies or slice at them with his razor-wood...but I had to find something to criticize...:P

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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