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Orion Review

Super Powers (Kenner) - Series 3
The Orion figure was never seen in stores, like the other carded third series figures. The face changing feature was a new great idea of Kenner. I bought one C-9 loose/complete figure in 2002 for $28.00. I sold it in 2003, and bought a second one for around $14.00. There is a real trick with finding this figure on the card is that there are more Canadian carded than U.S. carded, making the U.S. card much higher! A C8/9 Canadian carded runs between $48.00 to $65.00. A U.S. C-8/9 carded figure will go between $65.00 to $80.00. A C-8/9 loose/complete still goes between $14.00 to $30.00. I FINALLY FOUND IT! I bought a C-9 carded Orion for $69.96, and it was a "buy it now or best offer" that was originally $79.99 or best offer. Orion is common as loose figure or a Canadian release. If you can get a U.S. carded version, you better hold on to it!

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