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Plastic Man Review

Plastic Man
Super Powers (Kenner) - Series 3
Plastic Man, like the other third series carded figures, was never seen by me in the stores in the run of the line. If I could've found Plastic Man, I probably wouldn't have bought him. A kid that rode my bus in high school told me he bought this and the Cyborg figures at Kroger on sale in the '80's for around $1.99 each. The neck stretching feature was, yet again, a new idea from Kenner to the line. This, unfortunately, is not as good as sculpt than the 1998 DC Direct Plastic Man figure variant (with tools for hands) is better in detail. Mego had a prototype for an elastic stretching Plastic Man doll in the late '70's, but this figure never made it to mass-production. I will say that the market for the loose/complete Plastic Man has dropped! I bought my first one in 2002 for $93.00. I sold it in 2003, and bought one back for around $66.00. Today, a C-8/9 loose/complete Plastic Man goes between $45.00 to $70.00. A C-8/9 carded figure runs between $110.00 to $170.00. I bought a C-8 carded one for around $113.00.

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