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Superman Review

Super Powers (Kenner) - Series 1
I remember as a child in a downtown Ben Franklin store in 1985, looking at a Superman Super Powers figure, hoping that I could get it with my "bible bucks". Before I go on, "bible bucks" was a program a church had that I was going to at the time. They were only worth half their value (50 cents), so every 2 Sundays you showed up equalled 1 "bible buck". If you invited someone to come to church with you, you got an extra "bible buck" (50 cents in value). After so many weeks, we could take them only to the Ben Franklin store to cash them in for their value in store credit. I had 4 "bible bucks" (which was $2.00 in store credit). I forgot thinking that I had enough, but the pastor said that I could only get anything no more than $2.00 with them. I think it cost $3.99, if I rightly recall. So, I put Superman back on the shelf and bought candy instead. Finally, in 2001, I bought a carded Superman for $56.00 from Hero Headquarters from Denver, Colorado. I opened it and have owned it every since. I have bought a couple of C-9 loose/complete figures for around $28.00 each. Recently, I bought another carded Superman figure for $65.00. A C-8/9 loose/complete runs between $25.00 to $35.00. A C-8/9 carded version runs between $60.00 to $130.00.

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