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Slushhead (Kalimar) Review

Slushhead (Kalimar)
He-Man - New Adventures (Mattel) - Series 1
Slushhead is everything that's RIGHT with the New Adventures line. Great looking sculpt, and a simple spring action punch/chop that didn't inhibit play. His actual head, while encased can still be turned left & right via the actual dome. I also should note it's more like a gooey-slime that's in there and not water. So I don't think it'll evaporate anytime soon.

The only complaint I have is his tentacles that go into his backpack are BRITTLE as hell. I can't imagine how many kids broke them on day 1 of owning him. Why couldn't they have been a bendy material like the Toybiz Dr. Octopus that came out around the same time? Beyond that, a solid vintage toy.

      by JakkNewman   Update Review

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