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Blue Beetle Review

Blue Beetle
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 13
The DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle is one of the best DCU yet. It has a very detailed sculpt which is a perfect rendition of the character. I like the head sculpt on the DC Direct beetle better but apart from that this is the best Beetle yet. He is one of the best jointed DCU figures yet. It has double knee joints, double elbow joints, and half ball joint wrists. All the rest of the joints match standard dcu. He comes with removable clear wings and a removable shield/knife fore his arm. Both look very nice the one drawback is that there are three large wholes in his back where the wings attach.

sculpt 9/10
paint 10/10
articulation 9/10
overall 28/30

      by pock63   Update Review

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