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Kilowog (Collect & Connect) Review

Kilowog (Collect & Connect)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 11
This is the best DCU collect and connect figure yet. Kilowog towers over normal DCU figures. His sculpt is flawless! The great sculpt is complemented by a great paint job. The paint on the body is incredibly clean and the dry brushing on the head brings out all of the detail. The only thing about this that could be better are the joints. The hips and shoulders have slightly restricted movement because of the immense size of Killowogs mussels. Apart from that this figure is perfect.

sculpt 10/10
paint 10/10
articulation 8/10
overall 28/30

      by pock63   Update Review

User Comments
3bcustoms - Thursday, December 9, 2010
I agree!!! you what would have been nice???...a GIANT sized power construct....also, where''s the DOOMSDAY collect & concect??? if mattel was smart Doomsday could be a B.A.F for a SUPERMAN/BATMAN:APOCALPSE line....just a thought???

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