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Cyborg Superman / Mongul Review

Cyborg Superman / Mongul
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - 2-Packs
I picked up this pack a while ago at toys r us. Both figures looked nice in the packaging but once I opened them up I found out that Mongul was the only good figure in the pack.
Cyborg Superman is very badly constructed in just about every way. Most of the metal parts on him are just glued on top of some old dc superheroes superman molds. Also his paint job is sloppy and the coller of red on his boot doesn't match the red on his waist! As fore his joints they are standard DCU joints except his right shoulder has restricted movement because of the metal piece they added on. If you want a cyborg superman the killwog series one looks much better. It has a different left leg and a much better paint job. The mongul from the two pack is much better than the Superman. The sculpt on Mongul is great, the paints are good and the joints are the same as standard dcu. He alone made the two pack worth getting.

Cyborg Superman
sculpt 6/10
paint 5/10
articulation 7/10
overall 18/30

sculpt 10/10
paint 9/10
articulation 8/10
overall 27/30

      by pock63   Update Review

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