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Giant Man [Build-A-Figure] Review

Giant Man [Build-A-Figure]
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Giant Man Series
This figure came from what was probably my favorite set from Marvel Legends, the Wal-Mart exclusive Giant Man build-a-figure series. First off, the set itself was great, nearly every figure in the set was a fan favorite that had not seen the light of day. Of the figures we had seen in previous sets, Wolverine and Sabretooth were from Age of Apocalypse instead of being just alternate costumes. The Thor figure was essentially the same design as the original, but I have trouble complaining about that since that very Thor figure is the only Legend I have sitting on my desk at work.

Anyway, on to the figure itself. The Giant Man figure is a big, great looking piece of plastic. The assembly was easy, unlike some of the other BAFs, it went together easily and stayed that way (the arms fall off of my Ares all the time). The colors are bright and the paint job is excellent, giving the figure amazing shelf presence as it towers over the other figures. I gave this one a five star rating since although there are other BAFs I may like a little more, I don't think this figure could have been done any better, it was perfectly executed by Toy Biz. Excellent sculpt, paint, design, and articulation, this is simply a great figure.

      by Xysma Warhorse   Update Review

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