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Corporal Hicks (Aliens) Review

Corporal Hicks (Aliens)
Movie Maniacs (McFarlane) - Series 7
Upon opening Hicks the first thing you notice is the stink of the plastic just like most of the older McFarlane figures. This one had a strong smell of chlorine which must be used in the manufacturing. The packaging was very easy to open for a McFarlane product as the twist ties were done just enough to keep the figure in place but not frustrate the heck out of the purchaser. This is a figure begging to be customized for any number of uses as it provides a good military character body. The best part is the M41 pulse rifle which is a fan favorite among Aliens fans. Sadly it is made of a very soft plastic, as which is normal for McFarlane, and is slightly warped. The tracking device is of very little use as there is no place on him to store it and it is so tiny that if you drop it in thick carpet you'll never find it again.
Pieces of his armor, and the display base, are made of the same cheap feeling soft plastic as the gun and this kinda detracts from things compared to some other figures the company has put out in recent years. Another issue is that the figure looks nothing like Michael Bien who play Hicks in the movie which is a shame as that would have made this a great figure for a Terminator Future War Kyle Reese otherwise. Overall it is a good figure that could have used some improvements but simple modifications can replace the cheap plastic parts with better ones and maybe even make him fully movie accurate. Overall he gets a 4 out of 5.

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