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Blurr Review

Transformers - Generations (Hasbro) - Deluxe
"There are those who suppose, based on his high speed history and fast talking demeanor, that Blurr lacks patience. Those people are wrong. He appears to be always on the move because he always has somewhere he needs to be-delivering a sensitive data packet, or a round of electro-laser fire to a Decepticon squad. When he must wait, he can do so in absolute silence and stillness for hours, until his target is centered in his crosshairs." - Back of Blurr package.

While he looks like a repaint of Drift he is actually improved. The figure is fairly easy to transform compared to others in the line. The paint job is solid and the figure features an all new head sculpt and weapons including 2 pistols that are holstered inside the doors that are on his hips in robot form as well as the sniper rifle he carries. The joints on this figure are very tight and I didn't have any pop loose while transforming him. While not super G1 styled the face does hearken back to the original figure and the coloration is nearly exact to the original figure. I gave him a 4 out of 5 because to get a 5/5 they'd have needed to give him a new body sculpt and maybe a bit more of a G1 head style.

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