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Cliffjumper Review

Transformers - Generations (Hasbro) - Deluxe
"Even before the war, cliffjumper was constantly spoiling for a fight. The Decepticons just gave him an excuse. he's been bending fenders and smashing heads for years now, and the fun never stops. Despite his short temper, he gets along well with the other autobots, who appreciate his eagerness to take the first shot in every battle." -Back of package.

This is a very impressive looking figure until you try to transform him as he is a repaint of Bumblebee. The instructions are poorly done as is the final fit of the figure once in vehicle mode. Where as most of the figures in the line fit together with few gaps the parts of of this figure fit so poorly that there are gaps all over and I had the legs, the source of the problem, pop off repeatedly while trying to get them in just the right position. Otherwise the figure is a great representation of the retro G1 style seen in the game with a very g1 style head sculpt that resembles the G1 animation model and one of the few times you get a Cliffjumper figure with weapons. In this case it is 2 energy blades and a generic looking handgun. The joints are right so there is no wobble and the the figure is pretty well balanced given the odd looking feet (looking a lot like the ROTF Sideswipe) that he has. The paint is well done with no major blemishes. I gave it a 3 out of 5 due to the poor fit of parts, amazing difficulty (beating out even the movie line) in transforming, and the bad instructions.

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