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Isaac Clarke (with Ripper) Review

Isaac Clarke (with Ripper)
Dead Space (Neca)
This is one of 3 versions of the figure available. The most expensive is a variant in the Unitology armor that was a SDCC edition. Aside from that one the only difference between the figures is one comes with the plasma cutter and the ripper weapon. The articulation is pretty poor given that it is an older NECA item before they started boosting their articulation standards. The blood splatters are a bit too obviously painted on, it would have been more interesting to really splatter him with red paint so no 2 were the same and it would be more realistic. The main issues with the figure are the lack of articulation, the fact that his head comes loose and it spins in its socket, the lights in the helmet and the health gauge on his back are not nearly as bright as they could be. There is also the fact that the trigger for the lights is easily pushed so if you bump it without realizing it the battery will go dead very quickly and the switch also becomes very loose and sloppy making getting the lights to turn on and off pretty hard to do. The ripper is the real let down as it looks like a tangled lump of plastic with a few very obvious painted on blood spots. It stays in place in his grasp though and the figure isn't prone to falling like some NECA figures. It gets a 3.5 out of 5.

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