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Isaac Clarke Review

Isaac Clarke
Dead Space 2 (Neca)
The main character of the franchise and an average joe with some really bad luck. This version of him sports a much sleeker security suit compared to the engineering suits seen in the first game. It also features the DS2 version of the plasma cutter which easily dismembers the necromorphs. Like a lot of newer neca figures the articulation is vastly superior to the original figure as is the detail in the suit. much like the first suit it features glowing visor and rig on the spine of the figure. The paint of the figure is pretty sparse so it wouldn't shock me if they put out a bloodied up version at some point as this one has a few splatters and is molded in color. The downside is I would like to see them include more weapons, even if it is the plasma cutter and another one or some other in game accessory for the price. Neca's other lines tended to have a lot of accessories such as the castlevania line but they're kinda skimping. Overall this figure gets 4 out of 5. A much better figure but still a long way to go.

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