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Cortana Review

Halo 3 (McFarlane) - Series 1 - Campaign
More a statue than a figure she is made of clear blue plastic that gets no chance to shine thanks to the 3 LED lights not providing a lot of direct light into her body. It is a good likeness, far better than some I have seen using the ugly version of her from halo 2. A rather expensive figure compared to others in the line as well. Her body is cast in a fairly clear blue plastic with dark blue painted on her as highlights indicating the data streams that make up her "clothing" in the game but otherwise the paint is rather sparse compared to the Cortana in the game. The base is a rather bland disk with 3 LEDS behind Cortana in a roughly triangular pattern that, while blindingly bright, don't focus on her well and doesn't even feature a label saying "halo 3" or anything. There would have been better lighting if she had more LEDs around her and perhaps under her feet to shine up through her body. As it is the light fades as it gets towards her midsection and without more details inside her body like data streams and such it is pretty much just blue lit plastic that reminds me of the Obi-wan ghost freebie you got in the 90s out of cereal boxes. Personally I would have liked to have seen the base be the data crystal she is stored on like so many other companies have been using as a display base. This would have made McFarlane one of the first to use it back in 2007. Overall she gets a 2.50 out of 5. The same style figure by Joyride is far nicer but also about 100.00 more as is amazing statue of her.

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