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Jeanne Review

Bayonetta (Play Arts Kai)
The secondary villian of the Bayonetta game . She is one of the first two Kai figure line from Playarts. Sadly the kai franchise costs twice as much as the normal playarts stuff and the quality is far from what you'd expect from the company given the excellent Final Fantasy line. The proportions on the figure seem to be a bit off, her legs to long and her head too small. The likeness is okay but the hair doesn't seem quite right. The paint is good and is a good representation of the character's outfit. The accessories are very bare bones, all you get is her trademark pistols and nothing else. Given the variety of forms she has in the game it would have been nice to have one of the animal forms or even the motorcycle she repeatedly appears with. As said before her head is a bit small for the body from the looks of it but it could have to do with the shape of her head or they just wanted it to be stylistically different from other figures. The likeness is a slight let down considering they could have used the CG models to machine the molds. Overall the figure looks like art from a fan made manga comic. Another big issue is the lack of articulation. Her knees don't even bend and most of the poses that it is able to do are from the game with the figure feeling like it was designed for those poses only instead of letting you have a full range of choices. I'm hoping that the same defective pelvis/hip connector doesn't break on her too. Keep this figures away from your kids if you have them because even a small amount of playing with them will ruin them. The best bet is to hope for this to sell online cheap or find it on blowout at a store because the 45.00 they want before shipping isn't worth it and the quality makes you wonder what they were thinking with the new Kai line. 4.0 out of 5 for not breaking

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