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Kyushi (Yakuza) Review

Kyushi (Yakuza)
Shadowrun Duels (WizKids) - Series 1
This is a little known toy line that arose from the purchase of the Shadowrun franchise by Wizkids (makers of Magic and other games) from FASA who created it. I found this line on markdown at KB toys and wish I had gotten more of them. The figures only have articulation on the hands, which are interchangeable, shoulders which only move up and down, and the head. This is mostly due to the fact that the figure is meant to stand on the special base.This base is hollow to contain your dice, accessories, rule book and a few other items. The top of the display base was the all in one replacement for the traditional Shadowrun character sheet and used several dials to keep track of HP, magic, and such. The rules were pretty convoluted from trying to cram a massive core rulebook into a pamphlet. The figure itself featured a pistol, knife, assault rifle, and several other accessories. The sculpt is pretty good and is a fairly generic look that gets her asian heritage across pretty well. The paint application to her skin wasn't very good and you could see the black plastic under it while the rest of her was sculpted in black plastic as well. The pegs holding her weapons in her hands and onto her body broke easily and I had to drill out the holes in the weapons to fit the pegs. These figures are great if you are a fan of shadowrun but they also show the change in designs that have happened since 1989 when it came out. They totally redesigned some of the races. 3.0 out of 5. It could have been so much more with some extra articulation and accessories.

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User Comments
endcity - Saturday, June 25, 2011
I have just about the whole first series of these toys, they are great, top notch details and some of the most unique accessories iv ever seen

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