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VR. Apharmd Review

VR. Apharmd
Virtual On (Sega)
This figure is one of the best figures I've seen and I am even more impressed that it was made in 1998. It is a variant that represents on of the 2 factions in the arcade game. It features a rather outlandish paint job though. There are numerous points of articulation in the arms, weapons, feet, knees, shoulders and torso. It comes with 2 heads, a couple pair of hands, missile launchers, guns, melee weapons. All together there is close to a dozen or more accessories that it comes with which have served well as fodder parts. In addition to the articulation points the back of each shoulder has areas that open to reveal what I assume are thrusters and each has a part that folds out. On the back is also a hatch that opens to reveal a small disc which I'm assuming is the thing that controls the robot. The amount of poses this robot can do is outstanding and aided by its display base that not only has a peg to go in its foot but also a armature so that it can do flight and leaping poses. The display stand itself comes with all the information on the mecha such as the model and its specialized job as well as the team it fights for. Overall even if you are not a fan of the series or aren't old enough to remember it or the original Virtual Fighter series it is spun off from it is a great series for mecha fans and fodder users. 5 out of 5.

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