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No. 03 Wanzer Meredin MI Review

No. 03 Wanzer Meredin MI
Front Mission 3 (Artfx - Squaresoft)
One of the most underrated strategy RPG game franchises. These are some of the nicer mecha figures around and I wish I had gotten them on mark down when I had the chance. You don't get a whole lot in the way of accessories, just a basic sampling of the weapons you can equip in the game. The toy line also fails to show off the full array of mechas and modifications you can get installed on them. One of the issues with this line is non of the machines are named. You have to go by the number on the package which is rather annoying as they have names in the game. The big selling point of these figures is the articulation and balance. They are highly articulated and extremely pose-able and if you are careful a few of them will even balance on one foot. The head articulation is very limited but in the games their heads didn't really have much articulation other than side to side. The weapons fit into the hands on pegs and tend to stay there although some aren't all that well balanced and bounce around a bit. The accessories that fit onto the arms and back fit very snug and are in fact at times hard to remove. The paint is sparse with the figures being molded in color. The extra hands also help complete the package allowing for more poses. 5 out of 5. Artfx made some top notch figures with this line and it's a shame the franchise is now being made elsewhere.

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