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ED-260 Review

Robocop (Kenner) - Series 1
The ED 260 is the upgraded 209 series seen in the Robocop cartoon while in the comic books he will later be replaced by the 309 series. This figure was one that I had been searching for for years. The figure is molded in color, not quite movie accurate, and the decals replace minor details that could have been sculpted or these days painted on. It is a fairly large figure, larger than the normal Robocop figures, but not in the scale it would be as seen in the film. It is, however, in scale with the newer Japanese Robocop figures that are about 5 inches. This is the first figure of the Enforcement Droid series with the next being a vinyl model and followed by newer figures from high end toy makers in Japan and the US. The articulation is pretty much non existent with the articulation only being in the torso and legs. The upper body has the same clicking ratchet system as the legs but is pretty loose. The cap mechanism is an ugly blight on the figure with the metal firing pin sticking up like on any other cap gun. This figure begs for customizing and with some work, very small tools, and luck it could be better articulated and made more accurate and possibly function at firing caps again but with the mechanisms hidden away. The mold is very clean with very few mold lines or sprue marks showing and it has aged well for being over 20 years old. Sadly it tends to be a rather expensive toy as is the normal for any of the ED toys/model kits. If you can find one and are a fan of Robocop it is well worth picking him up if the price is right. Even broken he would be worth salvaging as it looks good on any shelf as a display item. The lack of articulation and lack of sculpted details that keep this at a 4.0 and not a 5.0. Still this is by far one of the best figures Kenner put out in the line.

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