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Robocop Glow Review

Robocop Glow
Robocop (Kenner) - Series 2
The only figure in the line I got back when it was out. It never seemed that popular around here and they were pretty pricey compared to other figures. He is basically a remold of the same figure as the others but in a glow in the dark yellow with metallic blue highlights and he glowed very brightly. His one arm is a minigun barrel with no elbow and he also came with a rather out of scale Auto-9 pistol which glowed in the dark too. The figure featured a removable helmet of soft plastic that was actually fairly detailed for figures at the time. The head vaguely resembles Peter Weller and had fewer signs of trauma than the movie version this being a kid's show although they really didn't shy away from the fact of what happened to him. The head is the only thing that didn't glow in the dark as it featured a single flesh tone and the back of his head where the cybernetics were are black. The figure suffers from a lack of articulation like all the others in the line with the head, shoulders, and hips being the only articulation. This line showed a lot of promise had it been given more articulation and less reliance on gimmicks like glowing in the dark. He gets a 3.5 out of 5 just because the gimmick really worked and for the lack of articulation.

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