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Motoko Kusanagi Review

Motoko Kusanagi
3D Animation from Japan (McFarlane) - Ghost in the Shell
A disappointing figure. Why McFarlane chose the Motoko from the 1990s movie instead of the comics or even the playstation game is beyond me. If you are a fan of that movie then this is for you. If you, like me, are not then you'll want to get it on blowout if you can find it. I got mine on blowout for under 5.00 years ago and they're still cheap online. The sculpt actually doesn't resemble the character in the movie as much as you would expect but there are others in this line that are like that as well for whatever reason. She features a static pose with the absolute most basic articulation in the hips, shoulders, and neck. The display base is meant to represent the vat used to put the artificial flesh on her body but looks like a blob of green with silver machinery on it. A simple, and cheap, plastic tube to simulate her in the chamber would have done better or maybe having her partially covered in green so it looks like she is being pulled out.
The only accessories she comes with is a non Shirow masamune designed assault rifle which doesn't fit in with the theme of the rest of the figure/display and then the hoses that fit into her body and into the base to hold her suspended above it. The hoses never quite fit right and end up needing glued and even then bend under the weight of the figure to make it want to topple over under the weight. The gun, as can be seen in the photo, is of very soft plastic that is severely warped and mine had a broken barrel which isn't uncommon with mcfarlane figures or at least not with the ones I seem to get. The paint on the figure is pretty rough. The silver had streaks in it and the flesh was a bit thin in spots with the plastic beneath showing while other spots had different shades of flesh like the paint either wasn't matched right or they grabbed the wrong jar. As a huge Ghost in the shell fan this figure was a shameful display and gets a 2.0 out of a 5. The only good part about the figure is that it is very sturdy with the joints being tight.

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