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Naomi Review

3D Animation from Japan (McFarlane) - Armitage
This anime kind of flew under the radar in the 90s and the sequel faltered in the 2000s but it was original and the designs were good. The figure isn't a bad representation of her but the face isn't quite right as even in the animation she looks stern but innocent at the same time. The expression on the figure is of a hardened killer. Her accessories are interesting but very easily lost with the sunglasses and handcuffs vanishing very quickly no matter how hard you try to keep them safe. The gun being painted pink, as it was in the first movie, helps you find it and is a pretty cool gun and somewhat animation accurate. These accessories actually pretty much are all you'd be able to come up with to represent her as they're all she had in the animation. Her outfit isn't quite animation accurate but isn't bad. The hair is a bit odd with highlights badly painted on it with white paint and it is a very soft plastic with an odd feel to it. The articulation is terrible with it being the typical hips, arms, neck. The figure is molded in black and painted with red and the other colors. The paint is okay but sloppy in some spots and her eyes are painted rather strangely with a goth look like they didn't quite get the eye liner right she wears. The accessories don't stay on well with the glasses falling off, the cuffs you have to be careful with because the plastic is soft and thin and at risk of breaking and the gun simply falls out of her hands if you aren't careful. Overall she gets a 2.5 out of 5.

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