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Big Sister Review

Big Sister
Bioshock 2 (Neca) - Series 1
I was pleasantly surprised that I had no issues getting the figure out of the package as this is when something normally goes wrong for me with NECA figures. I was rather worried about the spear/harpoon on her arm as the plastic is very flexible and possibly easy to break off. The basket on her back was rather tough to get into place on mine but once there it wasn't going to come back off. Sadly NECA failed to think that most people would like accessories and included nothing of use such as a Little sister to fit into the basket. It would have also have been nice for the helmet to come off the Big Sister to reveal the person inside or to feature lights in the helmet like they did with the Dead Space figures. The articulation is fair with the joints tight and even tough to move in some cases. The figure appears to be molded in color with the paint applied over that and on mine the paint was above average for the most part with only a few blemishes that appear to have happened while it was being packaged. The big sister isn't as imposing as the Big Daddies of the first game but the lean and athletic appearance they give off comes across in the figure and has a menace of its own. Overall I give the figure a 4 out of 5 despite the lack of accessories or features to make the figure stand out.

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