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Nathan "Rad" Spencer Review

Nathan "Rad" Spencer
Bionic Commando (Neca)
While the figure resembles Spencer from the Bionic Commando 2 game it looks nothing like him in Bionic commando/rearmed/rearmed 2. The articulation is okay with the bionic arm having the most articulation. The rest of the articulation is the basic NECA setup. The paint on mine wasn't the best with the flesh tones not blending and the silver parts showing swirls and paint variations. The bionic arm features a hand that is on a string and can be pulled back in with a crank that isn't game accurate as it is something they just put on to look like part of the arm instead of using a push button retraction like you find in other figure lines. His only accessory is a rather odd looking machine pistol who is very warped. The figure is very well balanced thanks to the slightly over sized armored boots he has on so he will stand on his own with no trouble. I would have liked to have seen a variant representing the Bionic commando rearmed classic Spencer skin you could unlock. His expression is a good one and shows the change in him since the original games as do the scars on his body. He has gone from hero with a carefree attitude to a framed man set up by his former friends and put on death row. Overall the figure gets a 3.5 out of 5.

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