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White Out Review

White Out
Ghost in the Shell (Toycom)
I actually found this one here in the FR store when I first joined the site. This is one of many import figures of the major to come out and one of the cheaper ones. The figure is very well made with the only real flaws are the mold likes visible on the body, most notably the flesh tone hips. The paint is fairly crisp and clean. She appears to be based on the same body as the Hard Disk figure, and in fact there is a 2 pack of the two, as the body and clothing style is nearly the same as is the head. She does have some articulation in the arms at the shoulders, neck, and hips but aside from the head and shoulders there isn't much point as poses are limited by the lack of knee and foot articulation. This version of the major never really appeared in the books so like many she was inspired by the art or was from promotional material as there is a lot of GIS stuff not over here. She does have a better selection of accessories coming with 2 very nice assault weapons molded in color. The paint is crisp and clean if not a bit shiny. The mold lines are the only blemish but tend to blend is with the paint at a distance. Overall she gets a 4.0 out of 5 because of the lack of articulation.

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