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Excaliber MK VI Review

Excaliber MK VI
Exosquad Robotech (Playmates) - 7" Mecha
One of a handful of non-transforming human mecha used in the Macross anime then the Robotech series, then without permission in early Battletech board games, and then in this crossover. This mecha mainly worked as a bombardment and riot control platform against ground targets and even some larger aerial targets.It features to massive arms that are cannons and opening missile bays on either side of the cockpit. It is a pretty basic figure with the articulation being in the the hatches, the shoulders that let it aim up and down with a side motion to lift it's arms like a human, the hips, the torso, and the feet. Little has changed since the original release and this reissue except the plastic color is slightly different. The Excaliber is molded in a tan/khaki color with green, blue, and red added. The markings are all decals that aver very much like the 80s clear decals used on GI joes and tranformers that leave that nasty adhesive as they age. The plastic is prone to discoloring as well as the joints loosening and the hatches breaking off to get lost. It reuses the same lower body as the Spartan mecha and also features a non working shoulder spotlight and a non-opening shoulder missile pod. However it is a good addition to any mecha/robotech/macross collection and much cheaper used than the originals from the 80s. It gets a 4.0 out of 5

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