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AMP Suit Review

AMP Suit
Avatar (Mattel) - Vehicles
Having found this on markdown right after the holidays I decided to get it despite having no other figures in the series. The entire machine is molded in an inaccurate olive drab color with the clear canopy being the only other color. Sadly a lot of small details from the movie figure that they could have added weren't from panel lines and decals/paint applications to a cockpit that has no sign of any detail at all which puts it way under GI joe vehicles. The figure is very pose-able though with the arms moving backwards in slots like a human shoulder preparing to throw a punch as well as the standard up down motion, the elbows move as do the wrists, knees, hips, waist, and feet. Some articulated fingers would have been a cool addition. The figure comes assembled and the only real issue I had with getting it together was trying to figure out the arms as one had been packaged with the shoulder backwards. The instructions are pretty basic but assembly is easier than most. The Amp suit comes with the large machine gun seen in the movie and fits pretty well into the hand with the ammo belt going into the main body area. The only other accessory the figure comes with is the large combat knife which is able to slide into a sheath on its main body although the figure isn't quite articulated enough to pose it pulling the knife out. With a little work and reference from the higher end figure of the amp suit you can do a good job of detailing it. 4.5 out of 5 for articulation and pose-ability.

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