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Scorpion Gunship Review

Scorpion Gunship
Avatar (Mattel) - Vehicles
This thing feels like an 80s GI Joe vehicle. It comes needed to be assembled but is pretty easy other than you have to watch how the engines are facing or they'll be on backwards. The vehicle comes with 2 missile pods for under the wings, one of each pod is a really lamely made launch-able missile that looks nothing like the rest and stands out like a sore thumb so fixing that is probably easy with some work. The entire toy is molded in the same bland and not quite right olive drab as the Amp suit and shows no signs of blemishes from the plastic mixture being wrong, by this I mean the swirls you sometimes see where the colors weren't mixed when they were pumped into the mold. The cockpit is devoid of any detail like the suit and can easily be added to assuming you can find pics from the movie. The only other weapons is the guns on the nose and they aren't very articulated unlike the engine pods which tilt independently but sadly don't feature a way to spin the blades other than by hand. Overall it is a very displayable toy, after adding a flight stand, right out of the box and worth the original price before I got it on markdown. It scores a 4.5 out of 5.

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