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J.T. Marsh (with Gridiron Command E-Frame) Review

J.T. Marsh (with Gridiron Command E-Frame)
Exosquad (Playmates) - E-Frames
I got into this series near the end of its run and thus had little access to the main group of figures. JT is the commander of the squad in the cartoon and tends to be a bit gruff. Sadly, like all the toys in the line, his e-frame isn't anywhere near animation accurate. The cockpit not enclosing fully around him is the biggest issue although the figure does fit very snugly into the cockpit. The machine isn't very detailed and articulation points are only the wings, elbows, knees, and feet. The figure isn't much better with the articulation being about the same and a passing likeness of the character. The frame included 2 firing missiles that after about 4 shots wouldn't do must since the spring had stretched out, the yellow glowing gun arm and the fan arm looking thing that you think should belong to megaman. The most interesting feature was the removable power pack in the back that could be swapped out with those in other machines in the line. It always struck me that such a little detail was thought of. Overall it isn't a bad figure. It's molded in color with nearly everything being a decal you had to apply. It was pretty well balanced so it would stand on its own. The down side was that it also tended to have pieces fall off when you were too rough such as the missiles on the wing tips, that pod on the leg, and even the power cell would fall out and get lost as it was the size of a pinky fingernail. Compared to the later robotech crossover these were really bad toys for the tech of the 90s and could have been way better. it gets 2 out of 5 .

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User Comments
normgarry - Friday, January 27, 2012
You are reviewing the Aerial Attack Eframe. This is the Gridiron Eframe.

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