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Sydney Savage Review

Sydney Savage
Danger Girl (McFarlane)
This is a rather odd series considering it is made by McFarlane. It is very much like the old lines from the company before the figures all got smaller. The Australian member of the team who is always in trouble for her methods even though she usually ends up proving herself to have been right. She isn't above using her looks to get the job done and has a weakness for fancy clothes. She also has been seen flirting with Bruce Wayne. I'll cover the accessories first because they out did themselves with these. The display base for her features an Australian scene featuring a swamp base with her name on it with a large croc and some fencing posts with real string holding them together. Her only accessory is her whip which looks a bit generic and doesn't stay in her hand all that well. sydney's a bit low on articulation which isn't too shocking given how old of a figure she is.Her heard, shoulders, and hips are articulated. The paint job on her is above average which makes you wonder what went wrong with the company after a while. There are some seam lines on mine but nothing that can't be ignored or fixed. She appears to have been molded in one color and then painted. It gets a 3.5 out of 5.

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