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Katsumi Liquer Review

Katsumi Liquer
Kia Asamiya's Silent Mobius (Toycom)
Having seen silent mobius only once back in the 90s I never figured to find a figure from the series let alone one in the package. Katsumi is the daughter of the Gigelf and Fuyuka Liqueur, who were respectively the most powerful sorcerer and sorceress of their generation. She herself is a powerful sorceress in her own right and bears her father's sentient sword Grospoliner (aka "The Emperor of Swords") in battle against entities and supernatural threats of all kinds. Her father opened a portal to another world using magic and technology and now she is part of a special agency to fight off supernatural threats that tend to come through the portal.
The figure is very well made with super clean and crisp paint and features a large gun, non remove-able, on her waist. The articulation is next to zero though sadly. Her head and sword holding hand turn but from the feel of it I wouldn't want to put too much force on either of them. It is still an exceptionally well made figure for being made in the 1990s. Her only accessories is a small comic from the series and her sword which is a really cool accessory and is so large it comes in two pieces. Over she gets a 3.0 out of 5 due to no articulation.

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