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Sticks'N Stones Review

Sticks'N Stones
Rock Lords (Tonka) - Evil Rock Lords
The Rocklords was a spin off of the Go-bots series that appeared after the go-bot movie came out and it didn't do well at all. He is listed on his info as being made of coal and magnetite. From his bio: "Sticks 'n Stones are living proof that two heads are worse than one. They're constantly at odds with each other. But give them a single purpose-destroying good rocks-and they become an awesome fighting force. The very sight of them charging into battle with their Cactus Club and Double Duty mace is enough to send enemies flying home!" The figure is molded in color, not representing either of the materials he is said to be made of, and then detailed with black paint. The articulation is rather odd as the fact he transforms from a lump of rock into a figure allows him a very strange range of movements but like most 80s toys the articulation we know and love today just didn't exist. The figure lacks any real gimmicks other than being a rock and in order to find the point to start transformation at there is actually an indent with a fake fingerprint shape in the plastic. Still the articulation is better than that of most Transformers at the time, which go-bots did have going for them at times, so he gets a pretty good score. 4 out of 5

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