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Major Kusanagi (Diver Down) Review

Major Kusanagi (Diver Down)
Ghost in the Shell (Yamato)
I tend to get these import GIS figures as gifts from a college buddy and it's a good thing as this one is a pretty penny. It features a sculpt of Mokoto based on her manga appearance. The special flotation diving suit is made to keep cyborgs like her from sinking while in water as cyborgs aren't very buoyant. She comes with the silenced SMG she uses in the comic to accidentally kill the person she is meant to capture and leads to the end of the first manga series. The paint on the figure is very good with very few mold lines at all and no blemishes. The colors are comic accurate when it comes to her but as the manga was black and white it is hard to tell what color the rest was meant to be and is the reason there are variant outfits. The SMG is molded in a generic gunmetal color which I think black would have been more in tune with the comic. The diving suit is glued to her hand adds a good bit of weight to the figure. Like most GIS figures there are no points of articulation on her which is probably just as well given the suit she is holding but an articulated gun arm or pose with the arm in another position would have been nice. The figures based on the original manga art tends to be more expensive than many of the others lines so this was a good catch. It gets 4.5 out of 5.

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