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Motoko / Batou Review

Motoko / Batou
Ghost in the Shell (Yamato) - Stand Alone Complex Figurines
I tend to get these import GIS figures as gifts from a college buddy and it's a good thing as this one is a pretty penny. It features a sculpt of Mokoto and Batou based on their Stand Alone Complex anime appearance. Motoko is wearing her trademark bodysuit and matching stockings with her jacket. She comes with her basic pistol molded in hand. The paint on the figure is very good with very few mold lines at all and no blemishes. The colors are anime accurate for both of them. She has no articulation at all and this is one time I think that's a good thing as the pose is perfect for the character and it looks like she is leaping out from behind a corner or landing in a stylized pose from a high fall. This is the first Batou I have owned and the likeness is dead on down to his scowl. He is missing his normal jacket in this but it shows off the sculpting details of his muscles. The colors are very accurate which cannot be easy with his hair color. He too has no articulation but the pose makes up for it and he is holding his normal pistol from the show. He shows the same lack of mold lines and blemishes as Motoko. The company really did an outstanding job for these. This set isn't for the weak of wallet as my buddy got it as part of a lot with another MIP figure for nearly 100.00 after shipping. The set gets a 4.5 out of 5.

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