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Spider-Man (Spider-Sense) Review

Spider-Man (Spider-Sense)
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 5
Spider Sense Spider-Man is kinda a dud In my view. He stands at 5" tall and has ball joint hips , so his legs can do whatever a spider can , err however his arms are stuck in a bent position to look like hes crawling . Now then spider sense you think of the tripped out color vortex from the animated series and how his eyes glow a neon green . The body is just painted darker reds and blues and his eyes are painted that green. I dont know why but , I thought the eyes were glow in the dark or something . That isnt what gives him the 2 ** for me its his lack of articulation and the accessories . He comes with 1 web hook that clips on his wrist (hardly stays on ) and then this web line with 2 web hooks at the end of that , which again dont really stay on whatever they are hooked to, However I use it for the Kingpin Crime central playset as it has holes for spideys web line to hook into and they stay just fine. Over all

Articulation - Head turns, Arms bent with a button on the side to make them move up and down , fully articulated hip socket and basic articulation with the legs moving up and down and joints in the knees .

Accessories- 1 web Hook and 1 web line - * (They dont really hook onto anything unless there is a tiny hole it can go through )

Paint - Mine was painted quite well no marks on the eyes or run offs on the sides of his chest . **** This can vary from figure to figure .

Sculpt - Your average TAS figure sculpt except has different articulation in the hips for different poses with the legs.

Kinda Boring in my view and hardly stands on his own due to the weight being in his arms outward .

Still if you are looking to complete your collection you can snag him up from around 8 - 15 $ depending where you shop .

      by SpidervenomX   Update Review

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