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Spider-Man 2099 Review

Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 7
Spider- Man 2099 ROCKS MY SOCKS !!!

So Lame phrases aside Spidey 2099 ROCKS ! I just got him in the mail today for only 15 $ free shipping . Gotta love the Free shipping , OK over gushing abut cheap prices and onto gushing over the figure. He stands at 5 " tall and has basic articulation which is kinda the reason why i give him 4.50 stars instead of 5 . See he is all awesome looking with his Blue outfit with red spider skull and very fancy cloth clip on web cape . Spidey Rocks a giant and i mean giant the gun is almost as tall as him . That fits perfectly onto his left wrist . He also comes with this Yellow Flaming axe thing that is just silly. First off its to big for him , secondly ( and this is where articulation comes into play ) He can only hold it in his right hand which fits fine , but because there is no shoulder ball joint he can only move his arm up and down and not side to side causing him to look like a futuristic lumber jack singing hi ho hi ho its off to kill venom i go ...

That being said The gun is awesome and makes him look cool aside from his already cool looking outfit . And works really well with the articulation Given .

Articulation - Basic arm and elbow joints , basic leg and knee joints . and surprise surprise hello !!! ankle joint !!! oh and his head turns left right or all the way around if you want an exorcism type spidey 2099 .

Sculpt- This sculpt seems to be a bit leaner in the lower torso than most figures from the animated series . He is my first spiderman from the Tech wars so this could be the new sculpt . I personally like it as it gives depth to the magical 6 pack he developed .

Paint - My figures Paint is flawless so im happy about that . Its a nice Cobalt blue with a pale red for the skull spider design .

Accessories - Comes with 3: the clip on cape ( Which would look alot cooler if his arms could move outward like hes flying instead of jumping into a pencil dive . )

The Giant 4 " Machine gun that clips on his left wrist and if you raise it up the scope goes just up to the eye so it looks really cool like hes scoping out his enemies .

And dont forget the Giant flaming skull yellow axe thingy . Yeah its not that great but still if you want a spiderman 2099 lumberjack pose the axe totally makes it work .

So there you have it my little rant on the figure. I personally love him and think he is one of my favorites from this series . The gun being my favorite too its just so rad ( thats right i said rad ) . He is pretty hard to find cheap. I got mine for 15 $ new in box most are out of box or want 99.00 $ for him so if you find him cheap thats the toy gods saying BUY HIM !!

      by SpidervenomX   Update Review

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