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Venom (Stealth) Review

Venom (Stealth)
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 7
Clear Stealth Venom . 1 word Awesome

Ok so this is the Like the 6th thing of venom they have made from this series but He is by far one of my favorites . Stealth Venom came in 2 forms clear and Black ( but the black is translucent so i say clear black ) Anyway , he is about 5 ' tall as most figures from the early 90s were . All clear except where the white would be its black . This Venom has very limited articulation which is why 4.50 is my rating .

He has basic leg movement and knee joints . Arm movement but he has no elbow joints . A huge annoyance but not a problem for me . Venom Clear looks more like the animated series venom than the black version does . I think because he only has clear or black on him where as the other one ( and yes i have it ) has red lips which make him look like hes wearing lipstick to kiss spiderman , but thats the black venom hahaha. Clear venom comes with 2 thorn symbiote claws that are kinda a translucent purple . They snap on firmly to venoms hands , which are positioned one palm facing upward and the other downward kinda like hes gonna chomp on you with his hands. Venom also comes with this plastic wrap of web around his stomach , you can take it off and pull it and goes back to its original form , I use it to wrap around his body or Spiderman or mary-jane Whoever I feel like venom should ensnare that day . I think he is one of my favorites of venom ( from the animated series version ) .

Articulation - Arms , Legs , Knee joints .

Paint - Hes clear but the black paint where the white would normally be seems to be top notch on my figure .

Accessories - Love the claws that add that kind of alien feel to him and the web is just cool because you can wrap it around him ( its fairly long ) and I am not really rough with it but i have pulled and twisted it around and the plastic from over 15 years ago o so hasnt broke so yay !!

He is being sold around 10 - 15 $ depending where you shop .

Just a note for those who dont know :

Animated series Venom has a kinda slash in his eyes . usually black where as the others based from the comic series are just the plain white .

      by SpidervenomX   Update Review

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