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Dr Loveless (Spider Blaster) Review

Dr Loveless (Spider Blaster)
Wild Wild West (X-Toys)
many people (especially those who were kids around this time) will remember that in 1999, Wild Wild West was one of the summer's most anticipated movies. But, in short, the movie ended up being a huge peice of crap; nevertheless, the film did have two redeemable qualities to it. Those two being film's main villain, Dr. Loveless (played by Kenneth Branagh), and his giant mechanical steampunk Tarantula, and while the Tarantula never really received a proper action figure, this top notch figure makes up for that. Now for those of you who havent seen the film or are too young to even know of this film's existence, here's a quick recap of the character: Dr. Loveless is a former confederate army scientist who looses the entire lower half of his body in the war and is confined to a steampowered wheelchair which is capable of detaching it's base to allow a set of hydraullic mechanical spider legs to be used as an alternative mode of transportation. Although this figure doesn't come with the wheeled peice, it still does a good job of replicating it's movie counterpart. I'll start with the sculpting first, which is incredibly spot-on, the face looks almost exactly like Kenneth Brannagh, and the chair is an almost exact replica, with a few minor changes. Articullation is pretty baisic though, with movement being only in the arms, torso, and legs. One thing I may want to point out is that the legs can only move side to side at the base, and that the other jonts on the legs are static. Accessory wise, the figure comes with a handgun and a bazooka, the handgun does nothing, and bareley fits inside the figure's hand, making it pretty much a throwaway peice. The bazooka, on the other hand is baisis of the figure's main action featue: peg the spring loaded bazooka on the side of the chair and it gives loveless the ability to ice anything in sight, which is very reminiscent of the actual shotgun Loveless had on his chair in the movie. So all in all I feel this figure is pretty awesome, and I definitely reccomend this figure to any fan of the movie, steampunk genre, cyborgs, or just spiders in general.

      by Mr.jackal95   Update Review

User Comments
Anishka - Monday, August 4, 2014
Hi, what is the price
MCollector - Monday, September 29, 2014
Hey,I've found one of these in Mercado Libre,here in Brazil. In US Dollar,should be a price of 12,50 aproximatelly.

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